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Host your insights.
Maximise your impact.

Host your algorithms so collaborators and industry can access them, without handing over source code.

Shaipup algorithm hosting platform and marketplace enables researchers to make their insights available to their commercial partners and collaborators 10x faster and cheaper than traditional commercialisation pathways.

Why host on                    ? 


You spent years developing your insights. We'll help you get it that last mile and into the hands those who can maximise its impact. When you host with us you get...

You can control who has access to your Shaips. Restrict access or make it open to the public.

Controlled Access

Your source code and algorithmic IP is never directly exposed and protected with state of the art cyber security.

Protected IP

Shaips are globally accessible
& are coding language agnostic meaning more organisations can utilise your insights.

Global Reach


Integration Ready

Impact Metrics

Scaleablility & Performance

Shaips can be integrated and embedded by software providers straight out of the box.

We provide complete usage metrics on how many times your Shaip has been used so you can quantify your insights impact.

Shaips have dedicated computing resources ensuring it is highly performant and can scale to commercial loads and meet global demand.


Speed to Market

Revenue Generation


Convert and host your Shaip 10x faster than a traditional licence agreement, taking hours not years.

You can charge customers each time they call your Shaip. Or make it freely available.

Each Shaip has it’s own dedicated web page which can be linked to your research papers, websites & socials.

Who we've worked with.

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Benefits for...

  • Make your insights available in multiple programming languages, rather than just the language you wrote it in.

  • More easily manage your code between collaborators.

  • Ensure your code is accessible and usable years into the future.

  • Link your algorithms to your research papers, university profile and research gate account.

  • Track and quantify the impact your insights are having.

  • Easily charge commercial partners for accessing and using your insights.


Data automation

Data standardisation

Data analytics

Standardise your data for more effective data management.

Automate data flows within your organisation and free up valuable time.

Access state of the art data analytics from world class researchers.

Partner with us and learn how to better leverage your digital assets.

We have turned
1,575,037 Packets of Data (PODs)
into insight.

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"TerraCipher has a strong capability to drive value and generate impact through research innovation, and is a great industry partner to collaborate with."

- Ashad Kabir, Associate Professor in Computer Science, CSU

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