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Our mission | To empower the world's greatest thinkers by connecting their insights with our greatest doers.

We imagine a world where the latest, trusted research insights are accessible and actionable to those who can drive the greatest impact from them, for better outcomes.


Founders Story

TerraCipher was founded out of Co-founder Dave's own personal journey trying to make a difference in the world through his insights. After a 30+ year tenure in academia Dave had conducted many experiments, analysed petabytes of data and written countless papers, many of which contained new and novel insights and most remaining locked up in academic journals.


In a desire to see his work more widely adopted and having a genuine impact in society, Dave began working much more closely with industry partners. These collaborations yielded positive results that the industry partners wanted integrated into their products.

Then the real efforts began...

After years of negotiations, hundreds of patent attorney meetings, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees a licence agreement was signed. The intellectual property (a data analytics algorithm) was defined, the revenue share and mechanisms agreed upon, and the contract executed.


After this disheartening and unnecessarily onerous ordeal, Dave decided that this problem, must have a simpler solution. In this digital age, algorithms developed through years of toil by a team of specialists at the tops of their game, should be able to get their insights into the hands of those that can use them quickly.


Dave stepped out of academia and set out to realise this vision.

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