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Our Mission.

When we say we want to turn knowledge into action we mean it. We want to break down the barriers preventing knowledge from being actioned and simplify the way we access and consume knowledge. We believe knowledge can be both accessible and protected.

Our Vision.

We imagine a world where everyone can easily access and implement knowledge. Whether it is a researcher wanting to see their knowledge have real world impacts, a government or community group wanting to better understand a problem or a company wanting to access the best insights to optimise their products and services. A future where the brightest minds can make a difference, delivering solutions to solve problems both big and small. 'Putting knowledge into action' one algorithm at a time.


Whether it's the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data analytics or just business records your data is your intellectual property (IP) and has value.

Value is best realised through design led solutions. Your data can be used to deliver unique customised value.


Data driven IP is realised through tools that brings that value to the market place.


By applying the principles of design, the                             team, builds and integrates open source software to deliver customised, bespoke, data visualisation, analytics and management solutions.


The framework builds value from data driven IP by making it accessible to the marketplace.

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The                             team includes IT specialists, designers and researchers that have a wealth of experience in designing and managing digital solutions that provide insight into data. We offer a range of solutions depending on your needs and budget including:


APIs and dashboards.

Bespoke Data Management systems.

Data Visualisations and Mockups.

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The Team.

"I'm the, "how is this actually going to work" guy. I bring together technical expertise with out of the box thinking to deliver truely unique and innovative solutions."

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"I'm the buzz word guy, I put meaning to words like, "design thinking" or "human centred design". I make sure we never lose sight of the people we're building experiences for."

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Creative Director

Industrial Designer

Technical Director
Prof. Agricultural Science

Dave Swain

Will Swain

Will Swain


We believe true innovation is born through a diversity of perspectives and thorough discussions. Our associates bring to bear their knowledge, expertise and unique point of view, to guide, steer, question and verify the projects we take on.

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"I work out how all the great ideas will help customers make money. I make sure we keep things real and I ask the tough questions to keep things on track."

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"I’m driven by detail and make sure the ideas are backed up by solid research. I provided links between research outcomes and industry drivers."

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Project Management

Business Development
Project Management

Conrad Hine

Kym Patison

Senior Research Fellow Spatial Agriculture


Associate Professor in Computer Science

A.Prof. Lihong

Dr. Shawn

Lecturer in Whole Farm Management

Dr. Ashad

Senior Lecturer Computer Science



Software Engineer
+ PhD Student

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