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Your calculator, model and algorithm hosting platform

Highly performant, securely protected, and globally available. Shaipup      boosts your IP to create more impact, quicker.


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Shaips are globally accessible and coding language agnostic.


Algorithmic IP is never exposed and securely hosted on Google cloud servers.


Insight owners can control who has access to their Shaips.


Shaips can be efficiently integrated and embedded into software.


See where Shaips are driving the most impact.


Shaips can scale up to meet commercial loads and global demand.

Researchers - Host your research algorithms and make them available on the Shaip Marketplace >  

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Universities - Set up an organisational dashboard to house your researcher's algorithms. 

Download our 1 pager to circulate within your organisation.

Funders - Allow funded research outputs to drive continued value on the Shaip Marketplace >

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