ShaipUp is a model, calculator & algorithm hosting service. We will help you organise, protect and share your models & algorithms. Whether it's to help your team collaborate, allow research participants to pass data to it, or to allow prospective customers to test it, we'll make sure you can maximise the potential of your knowledge without giving up your hard work.


Path to Action


Easy to use digital solutions that deliver impact by maximising data and IP

Who Benefits?


Providing a way for your research to have impact sooner.


We understand that as a researcher you want to see your work have real world impacts. ShaipUp provides you with a platform to make your algorithms accessible, without having to expose or jeopardise the IP. We will host your algorithm on our protected servers, and allow people to pass their data to them. We'll handle the computing and then pass the results right back to them.

Long story short, you can get your algorithms into the world and in front of those who can utilise them, simply and easily.


Ensuring the research you fund has real, prolonged impact.

If you are a funder of research we recognise that you have a responsibility to deliver impact to your respective industries. The ShaipUp framework ensures that research has ongoing impacts delivering value to your stakeholders. By making research algorithms live and accessible it ensures research remains relevant and delivers long term value.

Algorithm usage can be tracked and recorded, providing feedback on how research is being utilised, putting hard figures behind the impact you are funding.


Find and implement the best ideas, simply and easily.


If you're a company we know that finding the best solutions is paramount to your bottom line. We make it easy for you to find and access algorithms that help you deliver value to your customers. ShaipUp provides a way for you to access cutting edge ideas and intellectual property without having to deal with a lengthy commercial licence agreement.

TerraCipher enables you to trial IP before committing to a licence agreement, allowing you to make informed decisions, quicker when it comes to IP.