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putting Knowledge into Action

Our Partners.


ShaipUp is an algorithm & model hosting service. We will help you organise, protect and share your models & algorithms. Whether it's to help your team collaborate, allow research participant to pass data to it, or to allow prospective customers to test it, we'll make sure you can maximise the potential of your knowledge without giving up your hard work.


Path to Action

Easy to use digital solutions that deliver impact by maximising data and IP

Who Benefits?


Providing a way for your research to have impact sooner.


We understand that as a researcher you want to see your work have real world impacts.                            provides you with a platform to make your algorithms accessible, without having to expose or jeopardise the IP. We will host your algorithm on our protected servers, and allow people to pass their data to them. We'll handle the computing and then pass the results right back to them.

Long story short, you can get your algorithms into the world and in front of those who can utilise them, simply and easily.

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Ensuring the research you fund has real, prolonged impact.

If you are a funder of research we recognise that you have a responsibility to deliver impact to your respective industries. The TerraCiphers  framework ensures that research has ongoing impacts delivering value to your stakeholders. By making research algorithms live and accessible it ensures research remains relevant and delivers long term value.

Algorithm usage can be tracked and recorded, providing feedback on how research is being utilised, putting hard figures behind the impact you are funding.

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Find and implement the best ideas, simply and easily.


If you're a company we know that finding the best solutions is paramount to your bottom line. We make it easy for you to find and access algorithms that help you deliver value to your customers. TerraCipher  provides a way for you to access cutting edge ideas and intellectual property without having to deal with a lengthy commercial licence agreement.

TerraCipher enables you to trial IP before committing to a licence agreement, allowing you to make informed decisions, quicker when it comes to IP.

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Our Services.

We offer a range of service to help your business maximise its digital assets, empowering your decision makers and ultimately improving your bottom line.








Public Good.

We believe that knowledge is a fundamental building block for society, but it only has impact when it turns into action. Latent knowledge that sits within learned institutions has no benefits to the greater community. Unfortunately the majority of our knowledge is locked away in the learned journals and ivory towers of Universities. Complex intellectual property rights and a lack of tools to turn knowledge into action results in a huge missed opportunity.


We are on a mission to make knowledge more accessible without compromising the commercial value of the underlying intellectual property. We want to provide universities, researchers, think tanks, citizen scientists and companies an avenue to share their knowledge with other companies, non-profits, government agencies and the general public, all without giving up the secrets behind their hard work.

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"Don't follow the crowd find your own unique insight"

About Us.

Our Mission.

When we say we want to turn knowledge into action we mean it. We want to simplify the way we access and consume knowledge. How? By making it accessible while still protecting the secret behind the idea. 

We Imagine.

We imagine a world where everyone can easily access and implement knowledge. Whether it is a researcher wanting to see their knowledge have real world impacts, a government or community group wanting to better understand a problem or a company wanting to access the best insights to optimise their products and services. A future where the brightest minds can make a difference, delivering solutions to solve problems both big and small. 'Putting Knowledge into Action' one algorithm at a time.


Whether it's the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data analytics or just business records your data is your intellectual property (IP) and has value.

Value is best realised through design led solutions. Your data can be used to deliver unique customised value.


Data driven IP is realised through tools that brings the value to the market place.


By applying the principles of design, the                             team, builds and integrates open source software to deliver customised, bespoke, data visualisation, analytics and management solutions.


The framework builds value from data driven IP by making it accessible to the marketplace.

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The                             team includes IT specialists, designers and researchers that have a wealth of experience in designing and managing digital solutions that provide insight into data. We offer a range of solutions depending on your needs and budget including:


APIs and dashboards.

Bespoke Data Management systems.

Data Visualisations and Mockups.

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The Team.

We're looking for talent.

We're looking for someone to join our team with technical expertise in software development. We're predominantly looking for someone with familiarity in serverless applications and containerised software. That being said our software stack is extremely diverse and dependant on client requirements so we encourage anyone with a few years of software development experience to reach out. Email your CV and cover letter if you're interested.

We believe in being human and surrounding ourselves with humans. To us creativity is born from a diversity of perspectives and nurtured through open mindedness and strong discussions.

"I'm the, "how is this actually going to work" guy. I bring together technical expertise with out of the box thinking to deliver truely unique and innovative solutions."

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"I'm the buzz word guy, I put meaning to words like, "design thinking" or "human centred design". I make sure we never lose sight of the people we're building experiences for."

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Will Swain

Creative Director

Industrial Designer

Dave Swain

Technical Director

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